From the creation of companies to their termination through all transactions related to the life of companies, and especially on the equity capital transactions (increase or reduction of share capital, merger, demerger etc.), we naturally draft and negotiate partners or shareholders agreements and provide legal secretariat for companies.



We talk openly with our customers in order to better anticipate any issues they may face and by thinking about tools for optimisation and protection.



We assist our clients on a day-to-day basis on aspects of tax law, both in restructuring transactions and in tax litigation. Our know-how is the result of experience acquired with companies and business leaders operating in all sectors of activity.



FCA Grand Ouest intervenes daily to defend the rights of motorists in cases of traffic offences and drivers’ licences (driving without a licence or under the influence of alcohol, cancellation of licence, suspension of licence, speeding, speed cameras, parking tickets and other traffic violations).



Our firm practises criminal law alongside the alleged perpetrators, the victims, or simply with those involved at all stages of the criminal trial, and this, before all criminal courts.

With its experience dealing with the specifics of criminal law, FCA Grand Ouest of Rouen, Evreux or Paris will be able to provide the most appropriate defence for their clients, individuals or legal entities.

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Our teams support companies and business leaders in all areas of employment law. We also represent them before the relevant administrations and others in individual or collective proceedings.



Our team will assist you in commercial litigation, contractual liability or debt collection. In pre-litigation matters, our firm will direct you to an amicable negotiation or legal proceedings depending on the profile of your case and your expectations. In the interests of speed and efficiency, the firm favours amicable outcomes in debt collection cases.

Commercial and international


The “Commercial and International Relations Law” team has a dual activity:

advice to support companies, VSE/SMEs, groups, in their French and international contractual relations on a daily basis. The firm drafts contracts or terms of sale, assists its clients in negotiations, interprets agreements.

litigation, for the defence before commercial, civil or arbitration courts in cases of commercial disputes of any kind and in particular in the presence of international disputes.

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Real estate


We support our clients in their real estate development strategy, auditing and participating in asset acquisitions and disposals, as well as in their daily lives with transaction and rental management.

Sports | Events | Medias

FCA Grand Ouest are involved in sports and events where they have acted as counsel for event organizers. We manage with you your contracts, insurance, television rights …

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Because the financial aspect is at the heart of everyone’s concerns – particularly for banks – it is important to accurately assess the impacts of a loan, both for the creditor and for the debtor.

That is why we assist and defend our clients with determination in banking disputes and in particular in relation to bonding.



We advise and defend the interests of insurers, brokers and insureds following claims or for the analysis and conclusions of contractual relationships.

In traffic accidents, personal injury, professional and criminal liability, construction, real estate, insurance law plays a key role in many situations and must therefore be mastered perfectly in view of specificities, including shorter time frames.